Sunday, March 4, 2012

Orange you glad

I finished some secret knitting so this weekend I started in on my tangerine cardigan as a reward.

Tangerine swatch

(The pattern is this one, and I'm knitting it with 1.5" of positive ease.)

Since my yarn is coned and oiled for machine knitting, washing and blocking has an even more dramatic effect than usual. Check out the difference between the unwashed (top) and washed (bottom) yarn:

Tangerine washed and unwashed

Unwashed, it's a bit stringy and lifeless and inelastic; washed, it's bouncy and puffy and about half again bigger around, and streeeeeetchy.

Tangerine sleeves

Two sleeves down, and full speed ahead.

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Becca said...

this looks lovely so far - fab colour! :) x