Friday, March 16, 2012

Sweet tooth

I am blocking my rather staid grey knitting this afternoon. This is some short-rowed corner shaping that gave me significant grief until I sorted it out.

Corner shaping

It is a small detail but it made me feel like a wizard of some kind: the narrow edging along the hypotenuse is knitted simultaneously with the body of the shawl and the wider edging is knitted on afterward, but I wanted it to grow out of the narrower edging without distorting the straight line along the top of the shawl. Looking at the completed corner, though, you can't see any hassle there at all, which I think is a sign of a feat accomplished.

ETA: Unpinned and wrapped around my shoulders, it's possible that I will never take it off. Well, maybe sometime I will weave in the ends. But not now.

A woeful affliction

I have a little assortment of brightly-coloured options to switch off between for the rest of the weekend. One is a newly-started mitten, a sibling of this pair.

Fishtail cuff

I learned this cuff treatment from Nancy Bush's Folk Knitting in Estonia, and it's very entertaining to knit—it looks like a horrible mistake at first! you will scowl at your knitting in doubt! but persevere and you will be rewarded!—and it's useful, too; it pulls in the cuff nicely and has a lot of stretch and the bias means it's disinclined to curl. A winner all around. This is the left mitten so the cuff is spiralling to the left, but the right cuff will spiral in the opposite direction.


The back of the hand has a 9 st x 9 rnd square motif repeated over and over, switching the colours around each time to yield a busy checkerboard result.


The palm has a smaller repeating pattern motif given the same treatment. (The charted motif by itself looks hilariously unlike the knitted-up version!)

Frothy pink confection

And when I get tired of stranded colourwork on 2mm needles, I can swap it out for bigger and lace: this is the humble beginning of a bottom-up triangle that will eventually have an edging applied all the way around. It's only been about three minutes but I am a pretty big fan so far.

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Leanne said...

I think I need to knit those mittens! And I think the grey shawl is beautiful.