Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The cold light of day

I was very excited about the knee sock I started knitting on the weekend! A little too excited, as it turned out. The shaping that narrows the calf was slated to take place in ribbed panels at either side of the centre front panel, and there was going to be a neat-o cabled lattice thing that made those stitches disappear over about fifty rounds. My neat-o cabled lattice required six ktbl columns. I had six in one panel, but seven in the other, having knitted for eight inches without ever counting or double-checking that all was well. Sigh.

A fond farewell

Harsh light for a harsh reality. I unravelled the sock and wound the yarn back into its ball. Rather than restarting like a mature person, though, I put the yarn in time-out and tried something different with something else.

Red sock edging

This snippet of neatly biasing garter stitch edging is the cuff treatment for another prospective knee sock, but it too isn't working out. None of the patterns for the leg that I've auditioned so far have pleased me—not clingy enough, not stretchy enough, this-works-okay-but-won't-flow-into-any-other-pattern-neatly enough.

O my knitting, why are you all of a sudden so discouraging!

To salve my wounded crafter's ego, today I am starting a little batch of orange jam using these fine fellows.

Cara cara navels

Since my jam-making method (mostly informed by Christine Ferber's awesome book) differs from the marmalade procedure, I may tell you about it with pictures later in the week.

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Susan said...

Would love to see pictures of the process. My local library has the book you mentioned so I'm off to pick it up today and have a look.