Monday, March 19, 2012

The Marmalade Diaries, Episode 2

Four blood oranges and one lemon became this fabulous concoction:


I think this was the right ratio of orange : lemon to get a marmalade that set up nicely without needing to supplement with extra pectin. The blood oranges were relatively thin-skinned and totally seedless, so I was a bit concerned. But I needn't have been.

The leftovers

The flavour is nicer than I anticipated in my wildest dreams—it smells tart (lemony!), tastes faintly bitter at the beginning (pithy!) and then a little sweet and floral (moro-y!), and you can taste the cardamom at the very end (spicy!), like a little sensual odyssey that repeats in every mouthful. (I am not sorry if this is a weird metaphor.)

The colour was a lot of fun to watch. After the chopped fruit had sat around in the fridge for a few days, it looked like this:


Boiling with sugar made it deepen to a darker and less-pink coral. But it's still decidedly less orange than the Seville orange marmalade from the other week.


In conclusion, I am glad I have a whole litre of it and I am not intending to share and next year I will make more of the exact same thing.


Eileen said...

Marmalade! YAY!

I should really make some lemon marmalade with all the lemons currently hanging out in our backyard...

Susan said...

It looks wonderful. I've never been a marmalade lover but this almost makes me want to try some again.

Leanne said...

If all goes well I will not be on a diet this summer and then I am going to live on jam and toast. Maybe just jam, and marmalade too.