Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I didn't set out to arrange a monochrome week for myself, but the same colours keep cropping up. Other orange things in my life include:

New York Beauties

New York Beauty blocks for a bee. This was my first paper piecing experience and it was a very encouraging start. I did set the paper-pieced arcs into their frames and the central quarter-circles into their arcs by hand, though, because a friend dropped by while I was working on the blocks and I didn't want to stop sewing. And also because hand piecing just feels wonderful to do, let's not kid ourselves.

Clementine ziggurat

A clementine ziggurat.

Seville oranges

Seville oranges, leathery and bitter. They were a happy surprise at the grocery store yesterday.

Seville oranges and lavender

Last year around this time I made a bunch of plain marmalades—Meyer lemon, key lime, blood orange, tangerine. Then I spent all summer and autumn daydreaming about more sophisticated marmalades, perfumed with herbs and flowers. My first experiment in this vein will be Seville orange and lavender marmalade, made with the last of the lavender Leanne sent me from her garden last summer. I will report back with results.

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cauchy09 said...

wow, your piecing is so crisp on those beauties! i'm afraid to try that block ever b/c of the curves, but perhaps someday...?