Wednesday, February 29, 2012


A big pile of secret knitting descended on me, so all has been quiet concentration around here for the last few days. Knit, knit, knit.

My partner is job-seeking for his small field, which means we may not have much say in where we live unless he becomes a bigwig or gets a mega-grant or something. This week the list of hopeful potential places to live expanded to include small-town New Brunswick, Montreal, and Vancouver. My stress-knitting was scrappy, worsted-weight socks with improvisationally-coloured stripes: tall enough that they took a few hours each to make, thick enough that I got the thrill of accomplishment pretty quickly.

Scrappy worsted socks

The weather is frightfully cold today so I haven't even blocked them yet, just clipped off the woven-in ends and pulled them on.

Still life with scrappy worsted socks and Karl Barth

I also rescued my miscalculation from the other week from the radiator where it was drying.

Thick mitts

As I've said before, I love the three-dimensional quality of lace knitting in heavy, crisp yarn at a dense gauge. This very plain edging turns into curvy petal shapes knitted this way.


Belled cuff edges on fingerless mitts look kind of silly, but let me tell you: this fabric is so immovably thick that it really is easier to tuck sleeve cuffs underneath it. I think that might be my opinion on all mitten and glove cuffs, but it is particularly my opinion in this case.

The last nonsecret is this excellent yarn.


I have cardigan ambitions—don't worry, I haven't abandoned these other cardigan ambitions; the body of the blue one is finished and it only needs its sleeves added—that may end up looking a lot like this. The fabulous yarn was designed for outerwear; I'm riding a thick-and-dense-lace high from the mitts above and want to see it in a bigger garment. Anyway, TANGERINE!

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