Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday challenge

Things that are difficult to do: take a picture of your own collarbone without accidentally taking a picture down the front of your shirt.

Gathered neckline

I like the gathers and bias trim at the neckline of this shirt, though (and the fact that I have lipstick the same colour as the shirt).

The pattern is modified from Dress O in the Stylish Dress Book, Vol. 1—minimally modified, though: I widened the back piece by an inch and a half so that my stripes could match at the shoulder seams, gathering the difference at the back neck; I lengthened the sleeves a bit so that they hit my wrist instead of finishing mid-forearm; and I was having a good time applying bias tape to the neck and the armhole seam allowances, so I also finished the sleeves at the cuff edge that way, rather than hemming them in the usual fashion. I guess I am just that reluctant to get out the sewing machine lately.

The fabric is one of Anna Maria Horner's voiles and it is just to die for. It is flowy and silky without feeling insubstantial, and it has a hand that's almost... buttery? Anyway. I would like one bolt of each solid and stripe to make five hundred shirts and dresses please.

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Susan said...

This is lovely. It would be nice to see the entire finished garment.