Saturday, February 18, 2012


I reknit my false start from the other day out of a different crisp wool, and am very happy with the result, and will even show you once they're dry—the drawback to dense garter stitch out of worsted-weight-or-heavier wool is that it takes a while to dry even sitting on top of a radiator. The fabric is fully 1/4" thick.

In other news, one of my best friends is getting married in a few months and we have been talking cardigans. (Did you know that if you google image search for bride cardigan the results are pretty awesome? It's true.) I also think cardigans are the greatest but am mysteriously short on ones I've made myself that are light enough to wear on a June evening. Clearly this cannot stand.


Contender #1 is a cashmere/merino/polyamide/viscose blend, very soft but sleek yarn. I don't see a ton of love for it on ravelry so I want to vouch for its character here—man, I could live in this yarn and no other.


Contender #2 is a cashmere/merino blend, quite puffy and spongy. It's just as soft as the other but in a fascinatingly different way that's difficult to describe.

I'll probably knit a few more with each yarn before I really-truly-finally-for-real make up my mind. Call me a weirdo with skewed priorities, but swatching is one of my favourite parts of knitting a garment.

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