Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Happy Valentine's Day, internet! I am writing to you from beneath a pile of blankets. No interesting celebration for me today thanks to the cold I picked up over the weekend.


No real piecing progress to report, either. Over the last few days I sewed a grand total of about 24" in (coughing) fits and starts. I did drink about two gallons of tea, though.


And I slowly finished a few mittens. These are their cuffs (the central one is unblocked as it awaits its mate). I was moved to knit mittens by a fabulous book that Kate Davies reviewed a few weeks ago, which is full of the most incredible knitted and embroidered and crocheted patterns—there are intricate geometric ones and swirly floral ones and stylized animal ones and they're all worked in the most brilliant colours. I suspect it is the kind of book where I'll be struck by something different every time I pick it up, but the first time I read through I was struck by the arrangement of some geometric patterns into checkerboard grids. So I picked a (rather sedate) palette and went to town.

Negative mittens

(The purled colourwork above that resembles zipper teeth is a new-to-me pattern from the book. I think in the future I might work this type of pattern in the mosaic style rather than carry both yarns in the patterned rounds, but that's only because of my laziness. It's a fantastic unobtrusive way to make a non-curling edge that reminds me in its appearance of Meg Swanson's purl-when-you-can technique.)

The book is lavishly illustrated with photographs of textiles and charted versions of the designs, in a way that encourages experiment and remixing and pastiche. So none of the above are jacked directly from the book, they're just loose adaptations roughly-in-the-style-of. I think I have a couple other pairs in me before I run out of checkerboard steam.

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cauchy09 said...

your projects are super classy! i particularly swooned over your mittens. what yarn are you using?