Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Hey, today I can show you something neat that I finished a little while ago:

This is a hat with stranded colourwork on every round and cable crossings on every alternate round. When I was working out a cable pattern I was thinking about the zigzagging reinforcements on these ironwork supports, but in the yarn that Gryphon chose it looks more like a stained glass lamp than an ironwork dome (and just as well, I think). I am delighted by how the black dividing lines make the variegated contrast yarn pop—there are a lot of colours in it (rust, teal, green…) but they don't look muddy at all. Love, love, love. The yarn, Eidos, is a springy fingering-weight superwash wool that is outstanding for cables.

The pattern is available for purchase from The Sanguine Gryphon, for $5 USD. (And go look at the rest of the swirly decadent knitted things in the collection, too!)


Leanne said...

That's an excellent hat!

Morticcia said...

Hot damn that's gorgeous.