Monday, April 4, 2011

Quilt blocks little and big

Four more Civil War QAL blocks finished since last we spoke, and now I am much closer to being caught up. First I made #10:

Civil War Block #10

I regret that I couldn't find a good flower that was the right size for that centre square, and might eventually be moved to embroider one there.

Then I made #11:

Civil War Block #11

Barbara Brackman says that this pattern is sometimes called Ocean Waves, so I had to make it in blue and yellow (sea and sand, you know).

On Friday evening while we were watching TV, I made #12:

Civil War Block #12

And on Sunday night I made this week's block, #14:

Civil War Block #14

A trend I am noticing is that I keep gravitating toward the less fiddly blocks to make immediately, and leaving the ones with more pieces for later. Now that I've noticed, though, I hereby resolve not to be avoidant about these little challenges. Next up is block #5, which has a million 1-inch half square triangles in it.

I felt quite pleased with the delicate smallness of these blocks until I saw these miniature versions that one quilter has been making, with a thimble for scale. Man. These are the greatest things I have ever seen.

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Ann Champion said...

Such beautiful fabrics you're using..and such nice piecing! You're going to have a fabulous quilt. :)