Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blue and orange

The third block in the Civil War Quiltalong has seven little stars appliqued to it. Applique is totally new to me so I wanted to try something easier.

Civil War Block #3

This might be a little anachronistic, but I like it. (Although I could have made the flower a bit smaller.) And now I want to applique more things!

I also have some knitting-in-progress to share, with yarn that Miss Babs was generous enough to send me. One little stranded colourwork number in two colours:

blue and orange knitting in progress

This colour combination has been rattling around in my head for months, and I only recently figured out why. Pictured below is the tiny shelf above my stove that I look at every day.

Shelf above the stove


Both of these colours are from her collection of monochromes, which are solid enough for detailed colourwork or lace but have a wonderful richness and depth to them. Since I have been looking at fabric for quilts so much, they are reminding me of Cherrywood solids.

I think knitting thoughts have been bleeding into my quilting thoughts, because the blue and orange thing looks a lot like simple square-in-a-square blocks set on point, and I want nothing so much as to make a couch-sized quilt in that pattern in #225 Peacock Blue and #230 Pumpkin.

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Leanne said...

That's great how the yarn matches the salt box! It would be fun to quilt a sofa cover!