Monday, March 28, 2011


Block #4 is finished:

Civil War Block #4

After the first three I wanted a relatively quick and easy reprieve, so I skipped ahead to #8 (I kind of want a whole quilt of this block):

Civil War Block #8

Then #7 (I love these wide log cabin stripes):

Civil War Block #7

And #9:

Civil War Block #9

This many blocks a day probably isn't a pace I can keep up any time other than the weekend, but I am satisfied with my catching-up efforts.

I am gradually figuring out this hand piecing thing. The triangles sewn on the bias are still a bit tricky, but I have figured out that the blocks end up less ripply if I finger-press the seams with some vigour before pressing them with the iron. I am plotting a simplified #3 block—I think I will make 72 degree diamond templates and piece a five-pointed star out of those shapes, and then appliqué it to a background square. That way I can have The Appliqué Experience without needing to do it seven times and without having to cut out a non-lopsided five-pointed star. (I cannot cut out a shape to save my life.)

Tentatively setting a goal: I want to be all caught up by the end of April so that I can finish out the year at the pace of one block a week.


Ann Champion said...

Your blocks are absolutely gorgious! You're doing such beautiful work. :)

Leanne said...

These blocks are great!

cardealerships said...

Fantastic work. All the best. Keep posting.