Monday, March 7, 2011

Marching onward

Yesterday's project was sewing together a million half-square triangle units, and today's is pressing them.

Imposing order

I am about one-quarter of the way through my unruly pile.

Unruly mess

8 blocks for the lawn quilt are finished, and all of these bits are for the remaining 8. (I thought I might be able to eke out an extra four blocks from the fabric I had remaining, but no: there are just little bits left.)

Also, I made the mistake of signing up for the Fat Quarter Shop newsletter, so now I get notifications of beautiful new things every Monday. I think I understand now why building up a stash of quilting supplies is so dangerously easy. Who can resist these purple birds? these tiny flowers? these wobbly concentric circles?

Fortunately for knitting content, I'll be able to show you several secret projects soon. I also have one glove of a new pair to brag about:

Lonely glove

Its mate will be a mirror image of this one, with all the pattern motifs pointing the opposite direction. The yarn is Knit Picks Gloss again, and I love the stitch definition it provides in these sorts of patterns. The yarn blooms a bit with washing, which is great for the plain stockinette sections, but it doesn't interfere with the crispness of those diagonal purled lines in the cuff. Excellent.

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Rzimmerman said...

These are all lovely - Wm Morris is always a hit - and I like the gloves - I'm more of a mitten gal myself, but that wavy arrowy cuff is just dandy - thanks for sharing!