Sunday, March 13, 2011

Things to do when you have too many buttons, part one

Attach a whole bunch of them to everything you sew.


I am getting a big kick out of having a scrap basket with bits in it that I can use for small items. On Monday night I made a couple of pincushions from scraps to take to a friend (not pictured because it was nighttime when I made them, and because they are already given away; picture one made out of quarter square triangles made into a square, and one slightly bigger one made from half square triangles); then made another four, and have one more cut out and partly pieced. (Total buttons used so far: 32.)

pinwheel pincushion

I think the buttons and their indentations give them a satisfyingly full feeling, like cushy upholstery.

(14/16 pinwheel lawn blocks are finished, but the new ones are not interestingly different from the old ones.)

I have a small and easy free pattern in the current edition of Tangled, right over here. It's for a little lace scalloped-edge cuff to encircle your neck, and it is a good way to use up a bit of DK or worsted-weight angora and an afternoon. It's still wintry enough outside here to justify new scarves.

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