Friday, June 29, 2012

Race against time

Race against time II

The knitting on my hopefully-I-can-wear-this-on-Saturday cardigan is finished; it didn't dry overnight on my living room floor (and who could blame it in this weather), so this morning I hung it out on the fire escape while I slung garbage bags and boxes around. Dry in twenty minutes! With twenty-six hours to spare!

More anon when I am less crunched for time. In the meantime, the yarn is a 2/15NM cashmere/merino from Colourmart; the pattern is a plain old top-down raglan with lace bits all over it and many short rows starting at the bust point to add length to the fronts. I have a feeling I will want more cardigans much like it.


Nolita said...

More photos of said cardigan please!

cauchy09 said...

wow, pretty lace! congrats on finishing in time!

susanpariseau said...

The little bit I can make out while it blows in the breeze looks very pretty. Where can I find the pattern for this pretty little item. I did want to let you know I found you as a result of reading the Knitscene Spring 2013 Magazine. You are mentioned on page 71. I was curious and am very impressed with what I have seen thus far on your page(s).