Monday, January 17, 2011

Eyes on the prize

The red thing proceeds apace:

the first ninth

The project is a stole made out of Yubina laceweight cashmere on 2.75mm needles. This is a little more than the first 1/9, so I am on track to finish by my self-imposed deadline of the end of March. The finished shawl will have 18 repeats of the central pattern, and this here has two. It looks blocked because it is: I can't stand not knowing what something will look like when it's finished, so I frequently block things in progress.

I'm pretty happy with the edging:


I like the reinforced look of double yarnover zigzags, especially when they're surrounded by zigzagging rows of single yarnovers worked on every row. The very edge is my beloved lacy edge stitch, a yo-k2tog worked at the beginning of every even-numbered row.

For some reason I thought the central would not be this densely lacy, looking at the chart I made, even after swatching. Looking too hard at the knitting while I'm knitting it makes me go a bit cross-eyed.

densely lacy

The bigger motifs are supposed to look like eyes! I think they mostly do.

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