Thursday, January 27, 2011


Yikes, socks on 2.75mm needles go a little too fast. I had barely started knitting these when all of a sudden they were finished.

blue socks

The pattern looks like it might be a little complicated, but it isn't particularly; the pattern on the leg and instep has twelve rounds in it, of which six are just knitted, and the others are the same three rows staggered by half a repeat. There aren't even any double decreases in there, which might have something to do with how fast they are to knit.

They've got nice ripply cuffs with garter stitch welts that prevent rolling. The lace pattern on the cuff pulls in quite a bit, but also has some widthwise stretch to it; I have been wearing these all morning and they haven't sagged down around my ankles yet, which bodes well for their future.

cuffs comparison

One of these is a lot chunkier than the other, but it's what I was thinking about.

The pattern is $4.50 on ravelry, right over here.


Rzimmerman said...

They are truly lovely - will put them on my to do list after all the shawls...thank you for sharing...

mar de coto said...