Saturday, October 29, 2011

Suddenly, autumn!

I've been in kind of a knitting slump for the last couple of weeks, due to a terrible cold and some disruptive apartment renovations and a whirlwind trip with visiting parents. (I think I am emerging from the slump though, on which more soon.)

The bright side is that now our apartment has beautiful new windows. And I got to eat some delicious food in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

We had tea that was very nice.

Earl Grey

I was terribly decadent and ate like a fist-sized gob of clotted cream.


I guess we ate some tiny sandwiches? I don't remember them because I was distracted by this tier of dessert.

Dessert is the best

I could probably only handle such a meal about once every six months—it was delicious but so rich that it took us about two hours to work through at a slow and steady pace. It was a great antidote to the dreary weather, though.

Welland Canal

It's finally a wool-sock-wearing time of year, which is what's pulling me out of my knitting slump: I got some amazing glittery yarn in the mail thanks to Dale's October giveaway. My new colourway suggestion was yarn that was all the colours of this photograph of a pomegranate (plus glitter of course), and the resultant yarn is so beautiful that I needed to knit it immediately. I only have about twelve pairs of handknit socks, after all, and clearly that is nowhere near enough.

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