Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Oh baby

My buddy G. had a baby recently, so I am knitting tiny baby things. Round 1 is baby mary janes by Hadley Fierlinger, who also wrote the most adorable baby knitting book in the history of publishing.

Baby shoes!

I used little mother-of-pearl shank buttons because Aveline is elegant and sophisticated already (she owns a tuxedo t-shirt!), and Sublime Yarns Cashmere Merino Silk DK because the garter stitch fabric it knits up into is dense and stretchy and squishy and decadent, just right for eensy baby feet, I think.

This pattern is worked flat and could be streamlined by working in the round, but the seams are so short and quick to sew up that it hardly seems worth it. And they're so cute that they may become my go-to emergency last-minute baby present.


Becca said...

These are adorable! just knitted a similar pair of baby janes for an expectant friend. They're not quite so neat as yours, but I love tiny things! :) x

Susan said...

Oh my, these are so lovely!