Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Hélène of The Icelandic Knitter and Theodóra took the striped shawl I made for them on a hike through some excellent mountains, and sent pictures to prove it.

MOUNTAINS. The city where I live is a smear across a modest rise that everyone calls "The Mountain" (it's really an escarpment, the same one that Niagara Falls plunges off of). While I have cultivated a fondness for The Mountain, thinking about it too hard makes me miss the rocky and jagged kind with glaciers and forests.

Mountains are outstanding

More interest elsewhere: Tracy of Tangled Online Magazine took the crocheted cuff edge from the socks I made for her, blew up the gauge, and turned it into a fantastic cowl. I love how the lace changes when it's worked at a chunky gauge—still pretty, but bold and substantial, though not indelicate. Her project has gotten me curious about what other delicate crocheted edgings would look like in worsted-or-heavier yarn, so there's going to be some experimenting in my future.

And Eileen posted this exciting seasoning idea last month, which I got around to making this week. Let me tell you: gomasio should go on everything forever. Except possibly the things that already have homemade celery salt on them.

Today I am engaged in a pitched battle with the weather: it's threatening rain and the humidity is hovering around 80%, but I want to block some mittens. Oven on low heat to the rescue!

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Eileen said...

I just so happen to have made another batch of gomasio today! Still no celery salt, though.

PS: make some onigiri and eat them with copious gomasio encrustations. Just trust me. (I need to redo mine and write them up.)