Wednesday, June 1, 2011

wordless Wednesday

It begins

Pictured: 50" of green Shetland lace edging, coffee, distracting book, and lemon-cognac pound cake.


Tikabelle said...

Also: a hand-wound ball of lace illustrating the photographer's depth of Zen mastery.

That lace looks a lot like the edging to a Rock Island Shawl. I only notice because my own Rock Island is currently glaring at me from across the room; he's gotten used to a couple of hours of attention per day.

Alwen said...

I was admiring that ball of yarn, too - what is that pretty thing?

Rebecca said...

It is Yasmin from Miss Babs! 1200 yards/130g skein, 80% merino/20% silk. I am finding it a total delight to knit with so far; it is pleasantly soft but also has a slightly crisp hand, so I am anticipating that the finished shawl won't be limp or lifeless. The colour I have is called Peppercorn, and it is just the tiniest bit variegated, and basically I love everything about it.