Thursday, May 5, 2011


Now that we've had a full week of dreary rain-and-not-snow, and now that it is almost the middle of May, I am comfortable acknowledging that it might finally be spring.

And I can show you a springy thing I worked on in the fall for Hélène Magnusson's new webzine The Icelandic Knitter:

A top-down triangular shawl worked in garter stitch is the quickest thing to knit, if you want a cheery accessory in a hurry. This one is reversible even though it's striped because the colour changes are disguised in the eyelet rows (no rows with 'blips' of the new colour mixed with the old). The edging can be added on after any stripe, so you can keep knitting until you run out of yarn or patience to have a shawl of any size.

The yarn Hélène sent me to knit the shawl with is very special, and I'm excited that the pattern is also offered as part of a kit. It's Icelandic wool dyed with plants to yield colours that are rich and earthy and slightly mottled, and it was a joy to knit with. The pattern PDF by itself is €6, or the kit is €47 inclusive of shipping; you can order either from this page.

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Leanne said...

Wow! That is a great shawl and the pictures are wonderful. I bet that wool is great too. Did you name it or did she?