Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Here's a pretty good scarf from a few weeks ago that I am only now getting around to documenting!

the works

This required one skein of Tribble, in Peacock, knitted on 2.75mm needles. The finished dimensions are 16x66", but the fabric has a lot of give and stretch and it could probably be blocked bigger. Forgive me for the ton of detail pictures: I am very pleased with how this idea turned out.

The scarf is based on Mrs. Montague's pattern, and starts there with no modifications:

the densely-patterned end!

But I wanted to experiment with the density of the pattern, removing motifs to thin it out. When you pick out a diamond-shaped group of 9 motifs and remove the one in the centre, the pattern suddenly suggests a grid, like a chain-link fence:

transition section!

I think the suggestion-of-a-grid is still in place at the opposite end, when only the apices of the diamonds remain as isolated motifs in a field of garter stitch:

more transition!

It is startingly delicate for all that the yarn bloomed on blocking and I knit it on 2.75mm needles. Not delicate in the scheme of things. But when you lay it flat on a surface it seems to float a little.

it is awfully delicate!

My favourite part is the thinned-out pattern section. This yarn makes fabric that is exquisitely soft, and garter stitch is squishy anyway, and the combination is to die for. I almost want to double the yarn and knit a plain old garter stitch scarf on 3.5s or so—it would be time-consuming but ultimately worth the boredom, I think.

isolated motifs in a field of garter stitch!

And I am happy with how the edging came out:


The triangles between the faggoting and the outer lace pattern are arranged in pairs because I wanted the edging to be narrow enough at its narrowest point that I wouldn't have to do anything to the corners to make them lie flat. It worked: the only trick is making sure that a corner stitch lines up with a row 1 of the edging, as usual.

Now I need it to be winter already so that I can wear it instead of just admiring it from across the room....


Emily said...

So cool! Pretty finished product, and interesting process of going from one end to the other. Think my favorite is the intermediate stage. :-)

Alwen said...

That's beautiful! And I love the yak/silk one in your earlier post.