Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My fingertips are sore today though

The Barefoot Shepherdess made a really excellent little pincushion recently. It reminded me a little of tomato pincushions—I think it's partly the colours she chose and partly that I associate all pincushions with tomatoes. I dug out some brightly-coloured Kaffe Fassett fabrics I have, and made one for myself:

hexagon pincushion

The light is pretty gloomy today, but bright ungloomy colours are a good antidote. I love hexagons so much, and the result with these fabrics is very cheerful and a little ridiculous. I am happy with the way the circles on the fabric make the hexagons look slightly off-kilter; it is fitting because the circles are also slightly off-kilter. I am very slow at basting the corners around the little paper hexagons and also at sewing in general, so it took me around half an afternoon to put together.

It was a really excellent afternoon, though! I lounged around and assembled hexagons and watched Fringe and drank coffee. I am now all caught up on the television I have been shirking, and I have a pincushion. This is why vacations were invented.

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Yuki said...

Yay, you did make one, and a cheerful one at that! I think the hexagon design calls for bright colors, and your combination works out quite well. Now that you've got a new pincushion, perhaps there will be more sewing in the near future... like more hexagons? ;)