Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I have STILL been spinning a lot more than I've been knitting! Almost exclusively from flicked locks, which has been fun and instructive. No pictures of anything yet because everything is in a state of disarray and half-completion, but I think I will be done a pair of socks amount of CVM soon, so stay tuned?

In knitting news, the Edmonton Knitters group on Ravelry is hosting a mystery lace-knitting project for the summer, designed by Rebecca Logan—it's a big shawl or a small one, in lace- or fingering weight yarn. I chose the small size, with laceweight Misti Alpaca in an interesting greyish lavender colour, and I'm knitting it on 3.5mm needles. This is my progress so far, at the end of the first clue:

after the first clue

My favourite part is this little spine up the centre, which also happens along the hypotenuse (though you can't see it here because of my quick-and-dirty scallopy pinning-out job):

centre detail

And these flowers, which are turning up all over the lace-knitting internet but are rendered particularly elegantly here, I think; they look like little buds:

3-into-9 increase flowers

So basically the entire thing! I'm feeling a lot of love for this little project and I'm desperate to knit more, but the next clue isn't out until Saturday. I will sit on my hands until then.


MoniqueB. said...

Yes, you're right! The spine is indeed very lovely. It makes a little 'breather' and adds just the right space between those flower'beds'.

elka said...

I love that spine! I scoped out Ravelry looking for the pattern or group and was too late to join in :(( I really look forward to seeing your finished shawl and eventualy adding the pattern into my line up. Thanks so very much for sharing.

meada said...

This is a beautiful pattern. I wold like to learn it. Will it be possible?
Your blog is an inspiration. Thank you very mutch.
(Sorry for my english)

B. said...

Hi Meada,

The designer hasn't made the pattern for the shawl available for purchase yet -- I will update here with a link when she does.