Sunday, June 8, 2008


I've never been able to stick to a project without getting distracted partway through. So what.

Here's a scarf to distract you!

llama scarf

It is the "Twilight" scarf from A Fine Fleece, which is a marvellous and inspiring book. It's mostly full of cables, but there are a couple of simple lacy interludes; this is one. I think it's about perfect for this yarn: laceweight llama from Americo, which is not soft exactly but kind of slippery, and with a bit of a hairy halo, and a bit stringy and not blocking out perfectly evenly (and in reality a bit more green than this). Anything complicated would've been lost in the rustic.

It reminds me of a counterpane, actually. The wavy raised shell-like lines in garter stitch.

llama scarf - 2

To make a 6"x60" scarf it took exactly one-half of a (100g) skein, the other half of which is destined for another ripply lacy scarf. But which one?


missalicefaye said...

pretty! I've been eyeing that pattern, too. What a lovely book that is.... I get a little freaked out by the yardage requirements of those big cable sweaters, though. That's a lot of spinning! :)

Disaster Girl said...

The repeating zigzag is cool. It looks like it is many scarf-ends.