Tuesday, April 29, 2008

All the spinning fibre in the world

I hit up the moving sale at Twist of Fate and came out with exactly the right amount of fibre.

Left to right: Punta top in "Embers", "Smoke on the Water", and "Midnight Embrace"; superwash wool in #202 and "Aurora Borealis". There's 100g of each.

twist of fate fibre

Also, 100g more superwash in the colourway "Tradition", which is mostly dark blue plus a bit of purpley brown; I was too excited not to spin it right away. There's around 150m here:

tradition worsted

I also got 200g of Corriedale awesome in shocking bright blue, which refused to photograph well (my camera wants it to be either neon or grey, and it is neither!—my camera is weirded out by all fibre, actually, and I need to commune with it to figure out why), and a handsome new drop spindle. I'll be busy for a while.


A-Diz. said...

I am now trying to make the title of this post into a Magnetic Fields-style 'All the Umbrellas in London' type statement.

That was your evil intention, wasn't it?

B. said...

It wasn't my intention, actually, but it's a good consequence!

All the fibre in Calgary wouldn't make me stay/All the umbrellas in London can't stop this rain?