Thursday, February 21, 2008

Something green

This doily is from pp. 60-61 in Eva Maria Leszner's Gestrickte Spitzendecken and is worked in 2/28 laceweight silk from Colourmart, as ever, on 2.25mm needles. It's just over twelve inches in diameter. (Click for bigger.)

green doily

The colour doesn't photograph terribly well—my camera is convinced that it is bronze, but it's actually acid green. It's an unexpected but awesome colour for a doily and I like it, and hopefully its intended targets will not be too offended by the strangeness.

The pattern had moments of driving me crazy because I've gotten so used to the Burda charting style, which this is not. They do share some symbols but conveniently enough they don't mean the same things, which threw me for a bit. (I finally decided that the "V" means "ktbl", not "slip this stitch" or "kf&b" as I initially wanted it to mean.)

I adore the petals made out of columns of yarnovers and stacked decreases, and the littler ones with purls in the middle remind me of the red silk doily; maybe they share a designer. There are sections where the pattern calls for 7 stitches to be made out of one without indicating how, so I chose to work (k-yo-k-yo-k-yo-k) into the stitch in question instead of (k-p-k-p-k-p-k); I find that it looks tidier in the end and that it's not a pain in the ass to work, which I always appreciate.

green doily detail

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